If you are searching for a suction tip that is well-designed to minimize patient trauma, then check out our Frazier Suction Tips!

Our Frazier Surgical Tips is a thin instrument perfect for removing fluid and debris from confined surgical sites such as the nasal cavity, and lumbar and cervical regions. These single-patient-use surgical instruments can be used in open surgical procedures where fine delicate suctioning is necessary to evacuate debris from the surgical site.

Our Frazier Surgical Tips is suitable for Neurosurgery, Eyes, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgery, as well as in applications where ultra-precise suctioning is required.

Our Frazier Surgical Tips offers you more control through our wide selection of tips and tubing. Its malleable, aluminum-insulated shaft resists flaking and its finger cut-off control valve allows suction control. The control vent in our Frazier Surgical Tips permits continuous or intermittent suctioning.

With regards to suction control, a small hole on the handle is designed to do it. Our Frazier Surgical Tips has a relief hole on the thumb rest that allows you to regulate the intensity of the suction at the tip. Closing and opening the hole enables a function of suction force control. It is specially designed to prevent damage of soft tissues (mainly mucous area under the tongue). If you want a strong suction power, then you just need to close the hole.

The suction tube of our Frazier surgical tips also features a thin wire or stylette that can be placed into the tube to remove any tissue or debris that may have trapped from the inside of the tube throughout the suctioning.

All our Frazier suction tips are supplied with flake-resistant shafts and an obturator to facilitate the shaping of the metal and clear the instrument of obstructions. It also comes complete with a stylette that allows the malleable shaft to bent to the desired position without occlusion.

It is recommended to use an extension hose to solve the problem of a short length of a built-in suction system.

Frazier Suction Tip Features

    Our Frazier Suction Tips are well-designed and manufactured from anodized aluminum for extra flexibility.
    The malleable aluminum shaft of our Frazier Suction Tips can be bent to any desired position and provides flexibility during procedures.
    All our Frazier suction tips were designed ergonomically to give you a high-quality experience. Its good-feel handle allows for better dexterity in the operation that is being performed.
    Our Frazier Suction Tips have an engineered tube joint that enables its use as a probe to resist flaking.
    Every Frazier Suction Tip we provide come with a stylette or thin rod to clear any trapped tissue or debris and prevent obstructions.
    The control valve of our Frazier Suction Tips is built-in to a convenient location to give continuous or intermittent control of the suction.
    The graduated connector of our Frazier Suction Tips provides a quick and easy fit to different sizes of suction tubing without wastage.
    All our Frazier Suction Tips are sterilized and wrapped doubly in a transparent peel pouch. It is designed for single-use only to avoid cross-contamination.
    Our Frazier Suction Tips contain velvet eyes at its tip end to avoid tissue damage.
    All our Frazier Suction Tips are designed with a longer tube to allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas.
    Our Frazier Suction Tips are available in 6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR, and 14FR for procedure versatility.
  • Available in 6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR and 14FR for procedure versatility.


Yankauer Suction Tips have a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head, designed for effective suction without damaging surrounding tissues?

Yankauer Suction Tips were designed according to the specifications developed by American otolaryngologist Sidney Yankauer (1872-1932). It is the most common medical suction tip used around the world.

Their suctioning tools are used in medical procedures to clean away excess fluids, smoke, or debris from the surgical site. It is utilized to suction oropharyngeal secretions to prevent aspiration.

Yankauer Suction Tips can also be used to clear operative sites during surgical procedures and its suctioned volume counted as blood loss during the surgery.

They are a rigid, curved, one-piece design that is made from a blend of clear, blue-tinted, shatterproof plastic. Its edges are smooth and clean, with no flash or parting lines. The clear tips permit visual monitoring of suction fluids.

Yankauer Suction Tips also features non-breakable malleable suction tip with the flexibility of angles and varying suction capacities for precise suctioning. Its ribbed, universal connector fits all types of tubing.

Each suction tip is pre-connected to a large lumen suction tubing for a maximum suction performance as well as the advantage of continuous, large lumen flow paths to prevent clogs.

The large lumens of our suction tips can remove fluid and debris from either a surgical site or body orifice such as airway, abdomen, etc.

Yankauer Suction Tip Features:

    All Yankauer Suction Tips give surgeons complete control of the vacuum.
    They provide side eyes to reduce the chance for tissue grab. It also minimizes the chance of tissue and small bone chips occluding the neck of the Yankauer.
    All our Yankauer Suction Tips are highly flexible and promote precise suctioning.
    Our suction tips are designed to have a bulb tip, thus, allowing patient comfort.
    All our suction tips are designed to have a non-slip grip handle, which gives comfort for one-handed operation.
    The sturdy shatter-resistant construction of our Yankauer Suction Tips enables use for retraction.
    The transparency design allows clear visualization of fluids being suctioned.
    All our suction tips are sterilized and designed for single use only, hence, preventing cross-contamination.


Have you ever wanted to work on a surgical procedure that is less invasive and more precise? Then make it possible using our Navigation Markers for Image Guided Surgery.

Our sterile, single-use reflective Navigation Markers are used for image-guided surgery systems using passive tracking technology. It aids in the auto-registration and localization of rigid patient anatomical structures in image-guided surgery.

How does it work? During surgical procedures, the surgeon like you has minimal visibility of the instruments once inserted into the patient.

Our Navigation Markers are attached to the surgical instruments to provide localization and allow you to wirelessly track the position and orientation of any device from the frame of reference.

It happens when Infrared cameras track our reflective markers, and the coordinates in space are localized. After which, the diagnostic patient images are then referenced to the real patient. Now, the surgeon can navigate his or her surgical instruments on a computer screen. This makes surgical procedures less invasive and more precise. Our reflective navigation markers play an essential role in this important activity.

With our Navigation Markers, you can perform surgical procedures in a more precise manner. It can support Neurosurgery, Sinus Surgery, Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Spine Surgery, Trauma Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery such as Total Hip and Knee Replacements.

Our Navigation Markers are compatible with numerous surgical navigation systems.

Navigation Markers Features:

    Our Navigation Markers are 100% compatible with the existing pin standards.
    Our Navigation Markers are highly accurate. Our production and automated testing systems ensure a consistently high level of precision of each marker.
    The retro-reflective material used in our Navigation Markers has a reflection value of more than 250 cd/lux/m2, which facilitates very high visibility of each navigation marker for the tracking system. We believe that high navigation marker visibility is the prerequisite for reliable surgical navigation.
    All our Navigation Markers are packaged in double-sterile, high-grade blisters with high-quality Tyvec foil. A standard ethylenoxid gas sterilization process (ETO process) is used to receive reliable sterility.
    We put and deliver our Navigation Markers in a suitable dispenser box that facilitates easy withdrawal of the blisters while maintaining the overview on the remaining packages.
  • ISO 13485:2012 & CE Certified